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Legends of a treasure hidden in Pulyn-y-Aleg have abounded for centuries.

Between the 1890's and 1920's, "Treasure Hunt Picnics" were a popular pastime at the ruins (So much so that the collapse of the rock span between the Keep and the Gatehouse has been blamed on the treasure-hunters digging). This was particularly true after the publication of John Lillison's enigmatic short poem "The treasure of Pulyn-y-Aleg" in 1883.

Lillison claimed to have discovered the treasure, in his words,"By sheer luck" in 1882, but, being a man of considerable wealth already, had left it largely intact, so that others might enjoy the challenge of finding it. He wrote the poem to offer clues to the treasures whereabouts, stating that if no-one had solved the riddle within ten years he would claim the treasure himself.

Unfortunately, due to his premature death in an automobile accident, the secret was never revealed, although many have tried to locate the treasure by studying the poem.


The treasure of Pulyn-y-Aleg

Oh, Pulyn-y-Aleg, whose battlements tower o'er the surging briny.
The gulls sad calls echo from thy walls, high and shrill and whiney.

Yon Pulyn-y-Aleg defies the wind and scorns the oceans thunder,
perched high upon the craggy rock, with its roots down under.

Ponder these words carefully, they're written for the wise,
The castles secret's to be found, by those with open eyes.

Start your search at London Bridge, for in a far-flung land,
there's another may be found where twelve Apostles stand.

When the two are joined as one, from half way 'round the world,
The great deception will take place, truth's banner n'er unfurled.

                                                                 - John Lillison, 1883



A tour group looking for the treasure

pulyn-y-aleg, Welsh castle

An old plan showing the original extent of the fortifications (Note the spelling variation - one of many)

Welsh castle

A view of the castle from the South

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pulyn-y-aleg, Welsh castle

pulyn-y-aleg, Welsh castle


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